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My Insulknife just arrived from and I used it on some cotton insulation I'm using for acoustical treatment of a room. Cotton insulation (5.5 " thick) is notoriously difficult to cut, but your Insulknife made it easy. I'm surprised I've never seen the Insulknife mentioned on any of the home-theater acoustics forums because it is a fantastic tool. I emailed your website to my acoustical consultant because he is very interested in it. I had to cut 85 pieces of insulation. I started with an electric carving knife and thought it would take forever. Once I heard about your Insulknife and used it, cutting the insulation became a piece of cake.

Acoustics people should learn about your product.
Thanks for saving me so much agony.

Best wishes,
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Insul-knife Demonstration Video - 3 Minutes


Multi-Purpose Insulation Knife

Insul-knife is one of those time-saving tools that you will wonder how you ever lived without. It is perfect for easily cutting sponge foam, cutting insulation, preparing and sizing insulation, cutting pipe insulation, and trimming insulation around doors and windows.  
  • Foam insulation board with precision and no mess!

  • Cut fiberglass insulation with ease - forget the sheetrock knife!

  • Trim expanding foam insulation around windows and doors!

  • Cut pipe insulation, sponge foam, and much more!

  • Insul-Knife is excellent for cutting Ultra Touch Cotten Fiber Insulation: Click here for Website
Insul-knife Sharpener

  To aid in cutting thick foam boards or similar materials spray a light lubricant compatible with your material on the blade sides to minimize friction.  Users have indicated phenomenal performance.

 Insul-knife Sharpener Sold Separately
Insul-knife cutting fiberglass insulation
Insul-knife cutting blue foam insulation
Cut fiberglass insulation with ease-
forget the sheetrock knife!
Cut foam insulation board
with precision and no mess!
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